Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Bush Supreme Court Nomination: Let the Stupidity Begin

In about 21 minutes, President Bush will address the nation to tell us he's nominating John G. Roberts Jr. to fill Justice O'Conner's vacant spot on the Supreme Court. And now, the stupidity of our current political climate will kick into high gear. Oh boy - what a great use of our tax dollars.

The left will try to paint Roberts as an overly conservative threat to free speech, freedom of religion and Roe v Wade. They might even say that his appointment could end the freedom to breathe to push their agenda - which is to keep the court as liberal and activist as possible, because their power has eroded in the executive and legislative branches at the federal and state levels acros the country. Meanwhile, the right will have to counter with a campaign that Roberts is a bastion of solid opinions.

Early word from those who know him - he's a DC insider but a fair judge who rules according to the law, not in order to legislate from the bench. But instead of deciding whether his appointment is or is not in the nation's best interest, our hyper-polarized political operatives and their media cronies will instead spar over their personal and party politics.

Bush promised he'd try to change the climate in Washington, but hasn't found willing partners from "across the aisle" or even in his own party. I hope someone will come along who can bring the two parties back to focusing on what's best for us citizens!


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