Sunday, September 04, 2005

Daily Kos Guilty of Early Finger-Pointing

In an example of the far-too-early finger pointing and agenda-pushing (discussed in my last post below), the blogosphere's second most popular blog (according to Technorati), the liberal blog - Daily Kos - fails to focus on what really matters and instead rampantly starts laying the blame for Katrina at Bush's feet.

This storm hit liberals and conservatives alike, and it's sad that we can't be united regardless of political perspective in our response. Can we stop this for now and unite in helping those in need, or is our country really that fragmented?

Doesn't anyone remember how we all felt after September 11, 2001; how we all united as AMERICANS first and foremost, not republicans or democrats? As we approach the 4-year anniversary of those attacks, where is the sense of unified American spirit that Katrina victims sorely need?

I pray that everyone can stop pushing personal and political agendas long enough to unite in helping the victims.


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