Tuesday, December 27, 2005


I'm a huge u2 fan, and have heard Bono speak about poverty in Africa for years. I've been skeptical, because corruption seems so deeply ingrained in Africa that I found it hard to believe anyone could do any good for the people who really need it. But, Bono persisted. And the cause grew. Now, fighting corruption is listed amongst the top goals for a relatively new but star-studded anti-poverty organization: one.org.

I believe that evil thrives in darkness but runs from light. As celebrities, politicians, athletes and citizens like us shine a bright spotlight onto the issue of corruption in Africa, the corrupt will run and hide or be caught and stopped. And if we are steadfast, finally, light will shine in the "Dark Continent," and its people will feel the warmth of enlightenment and break free from the chains of poverty.

Add your voice to the millions of others who are supporting one.org. If you're reading this: you have a computer and you can read... which makes you immeasurably better off than the average African. So simply adding your name to the list of supporters is the least you can do. They don't want our money, just our voices.


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